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María Llena de Gracia Guarantee Policy

Warranty time of your shoes:

3 Months

Response Time:

20 business days

The Warranty Covers:

• Defects in the quality or suitability of the materials used that imply detachment of heels, soles, sheepskin, seams or the structure of the shoes.

Products that present:

• Rips, scrapes, breakage of materials, as well as parts that make up the shoe such as heels, soles, caps, zippers and other accessories caused by the misuse of shoes.

• Changes in the color, hue and textures that are natural to the material of the shoes. As well as the changes in color between one piece of leather and another for made-to-measure shoes, given the manual and artisan work of the leathers.

• Folds or roughness caused by the flexion of the instep or by the nature of the material used.

• Products that have been manipulated by shoe stores, shoe shops or other third parties, as well as damages caused by improper cleaning and repairs.

• Products with poor hygiene.

With the guarantee of quality we are committed to:

1. Repair the shoes if possible.

2. In the event that the product cannot be repaired or the initial failure persists for the second time after the repair, the product will be replaced by another of similar commercial value to the one agreed upon; or a bonus or money back will be generated.

In cases of money back, we have up to 15 business days from the acceptance of the guarantee to make the refund.

3. Products in the SALE category do not have exchange or money back.

4. Shoes on request do not have change or money back.

5. Delivery time shoes on request: 20 business days from the moment of confirmation of payment of the order.